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I am getting so frustrated with my family. I put my heart and soul into my studying to become a trainer only to have everything I do get contradicted and undermined by the ones that say the dog is doing this or that aren't you a trainer why can't you fix this. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR it is so frustrating to have this done or have them say I don't care what books you've read or what you have done you can't do it with this dog or in this setting. Then I cry and said that I can for them to say prove me wrong. Well I can't when you do everything to mess up any of the behavior modification or training I start. I say don't feed them they work for their food so I can start the foundation. Only to see a big bowl of food on the floor. I say don't play with the dog like that cause it will cause behaviors such as biting then they get bit and blame the dog. I say that dog is a resource guarder please don't mess with him while he has his bone time only for them to then blame the dog when they got bit. IT IS SO Frustrating.
I would love some input from anyone that is dealing with this type of situation. I am at my breaking point. I love my family but it seems they need the training more then the dogs sometime only they don't want to listen. They think that since they had dogs their whole life that they know better, well guess what I thought that I knew a lot before I started my education only to find out I was doing somethings right and something so wrong. What is wrong with seeing things from the side of the one that actually took the time to study to make it better?
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