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Bump on Dogs belly - Please help

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Hi internet!
I’ve noticed my dogs has a large lump and a smaller one next to it with sort of black dots surrounding the area.
I’m curious to know if it’s cancer or not.
I have no money until next week so am unable to take her to the vet, and kind find anything that looks similar online.
If someone could please help me out, I’d appreciate that so much!
Thank you in advance.
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Even a vet couldn't tell you what that is for certain from a photo. If they suspect cancer, they'd have to look at cells under a microscope, and even then most vets send out a sample to a lab that specializes in identifying tissues and cells to be absolutely certain.

I'm afraid it's against forum rules to guess at diagnosis for things that haven't been seen by a veterinary professional. This is to help avoid the situation where someone with no veterinary training tells a poster that their dog is fine when it really needs in-person veterinary care or worse - suggests at-home treatment that could actually harm or kill the dog. There's no way to tell whether anyone posting here has any veterinary training, and it's actually illegal for vets in most countries to give medical advice to someone whose pet they haven't personally examined. Glad that he's seeing a vet soon, and I hope it's nothing serious!
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