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After giving up on getting a newfie two years ago because the only breeders who got back to me were not planning to breed, getting my crazy rescue last year (that I love to bits, but is a handful and leash reactive, and could really use another dog to play with), then deciding to get another dog after our trip in November, thinking that maybe I should look for a newfie breeder again instead of getting another rescue... I finally found a breeder I liked. Contacted them. Got put on the list. They said they were planning a breeding 2-3 months later, and the puppies would go home in Nov/Dec, which was perfect timing as I'm going back to school in Feb/March... Got excited, started talking about names with family etc...

Got word today that they couldn't find any puppy on the ultrasound after a month, and it's very possible that she's having a fake pregnancy.

I am so very bummed. I KNOW that they will breed again, and it's just about patience, but it's like me trying to have children all over again (it took us 4 years). It would just have been perfect to have a puppy in November/December, to spend more time with him and at least trying to get him mostly housebroken by then, done with puppy classes etc, so I could focus more on school (it's probably just going to be a few hours a day and most things I already know, but still).

I found another breeder and contacted them as well (not sure why I didn't find them before, but they do health testing, and their dogs are gorgeous, so yay), but who knows if that one will pan out... and mostly I was pretty attached to the idea of getting a puppy from that female (even though they are all gorgeous) and that breeder... It's just that this Fall would be the perfect time to get a puppy... also have no idea what place I'm at on their waiting lists.

Anyway, just wanted to vent. I'm sure a lot of you can relate! Just telling myself that it's easier to housebreak a puppy when it's not super cold out... so maybe it's for the best...
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That really sucks. It really is a huge waiting game when your heart is set on a specific breeder or pairing. As long as you are only on a waiting list I'm sure the other breeder would understand you at least contacting another breeder. But I get it as I'm also on a waiting boat.

Definitely go with your gut, whatever happens. I hope that you get your puppy soon enough!
I heard back from the second breeder, but they are asking for a deposit just to be put on the waiting list, and the dogs (2 I think) are being bred now. What do they do when they don't have enough puppies because the breeding didn't work or they don't have enough of one gender anyway? That just sounds fishy to me and I'm even more bummed now (I did a web search and people who have got a puppy from them seemed happy with them, but still). Waiting for them to send me the contract...

I'm probably just going to have to wait for that other breeder to have a puppy for me... I guess that when you're pickier about your breeders, you got to expect a long wait.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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