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I've searched on this forum regarding to my answer, no avail.

I've decided to wean Stardust off Rawhide (she only has one a week, so it's not so bad, and under supervision), and go on Bully sticks. I've gotten the one that most people say are stinky...I thought they smelled pretty good. Reminds me of the forest and smoky cabins.

Little did I know that she would be slightly aggressive with it. She would get mad if I take it away from her. I had to take it away from her after working on it for hours. :) Although, I was told that she should only have it for 40 mins.

Anyways - my concern is her teeth. She's young pup, and has all her adult teeth. I took a look at her teeth, and I was slightly upset. I saw that small parts of her teeth has been "unsheathed".

I cannot explain it, but it's like her enamel has broken off. I don't see any pulp, I don't see any bleeding. She's not yelping in pain. It looks like a normal tooth to me, but just the small part of the tip. Her other side looks fine.

Could it be from the bully sticks? Could it be from other stuff?

I know dogs can be chewers, but don't they learn that if they chew too hard, the enamel can be ruined?

I guess I'm just a little paranoid here, but I would feel so guilty if it was directly from the bully stick when it's not appropriate for her age/size. I got 12" one from RedBarn (RedBarn is the only available company at Petsmart). She is 10 pounds terrier mix.
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