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Bully Sticks safe to eat?

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I have a 4-pound, 8-month old "morkie" (maltese/yorkie mix) who loves to chew through stuff. I was looking for chews to buy her since I don't trust rawhide, and the best I could find is something called "bully sticks". These seemed to be really expensive, but I found a site that sells them for a good price - BestBullySticks.com. It seems to be a legit site.

I was wondering if these bully sticks would work for her? They seem healthy, and a good chew for the dog who likes to eat the things she chews on.

Anyone ever get these "bully sticks" before? How are they?
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My dogs get bully sticks every once in a while, since they are a bit pricey. They seem to last longer than other chews but some of them smell really bad when they are chewed. But there are websites you can order odorless bully sticks.

I get mine at Costco, one dozen 12" sticks for $20. That's the cheapest I've found them. I ordered online once. They had a special on "ends" and indicated that they were between 1" - 5". Most of the pieces in the bag were so small that we gave them to the pet rats to chew on.
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