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Bully Sticks safe to eat?

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I have a 4-pound, 8-month old "morkie" (maltese/yorkie mix) who loves to chew through stuff. I was looking for chews to buy her since I don't trust rawhide, and the best I could find is something called "bully sticks". These seemed to be really expensive, but I found a site that sells them for a good price - BestBullySticks.com. It seems to be a legit site.

I was wondering if these bully sticks would work for her? They seem healthy, and a good chew for the dog who likes to eat the things she chews on.

Anyone ever get these "bully sticks" before? How are they?
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Bully sticks are pretty much the only thing that allows me to cook in peace. Without them, I get the Puppy Stare of Guilt.

They're completely digestible, so you don't have to worry about perforations or blockages in the intestines, but they can still be a choking hazard as dogs tend to swallow the entire thing when they get to the end. I typically take it away before it gets that far. Regardless, it is safer, but nothing is completely safe; they're safe to eat, but not unsupervised.

One thing my vet told me to watch for is the country of origin. Depending on the country of origin, chemical additives may be used which can cause an adverse reaction. Check the label for where the beef is supplied from - a lot of labels will say they are manufactured in the USA, but with imported beef containing unknown additives. Stick with Canadian or US suppliers; Merrick is a trustworthy brand, but a bit more expensive than others.
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