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Bully Sticks safe to eat?

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I have a 4-pound, 8-month old "morkie" (maltese/yorkie mix) who loves to chew through stuff. I was looking for chews to buy her since I don't trust rawhide, and the best I could find is something called "bully sticks". These seemed to be really expensive, but I found a site that sells them for a good price - BestBullySticks.com. It seems to be a legit site.

I was wondering if these bully sticks would work for her? They seem healthy, and a good chew for the dog who likes to eat the things she chews on.

Anyone ever get these "bully sticks" before? How are they?
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We use bully sticks all the time here and have never had a problem. We've ordered from that site a couple of times and have always been satisfied.

If you're looking for a chew that's a little less tough than a bully stick, you could try their dried beef tendons. I haven't tried it yet but I probably will next time I order.
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