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Hey Everyone, I saw a thread about pit bulls and everyone's take on them, so I was wondering what everyone's take on Bullmastiffs are? Please this would be really helpful to me.
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3?!?!?! wow....I have trouble with one, her name is Lola and she's an absolute sweetheart, and her prey drive is out of control :( but other than that she's an amazing dog. I have yet to find her favorite food, and I am still looking.;)
Indeed, Mastiffs are an amazing breed, gigantic, loving, non agressive and protective, the ultimate dog.;)
I rescued the love of my life now, Lola she's as big as a male like I said before, loving, gental, and non aggressive, although her prey drive is absolutely crazy. If she sees a "woodland" creature shes gone, I have to use as much strength as I can to hold on to her. She's an amazing guard dog, I would love someone to break into my house only to find a 140 lb. dog staring you in the face growling.:D And I agree with you all, if she ever got attacked I think she would wipe the floor hands down :p
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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