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Hey Everyone, I saw a thread about pit bulls and everyone's take on them, so I was wondering what everyone's take on Bullmastiffs are? Please this would be really helpful to me.
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I have never owned a mastiff; never even seen one (except a 4 mo old pup). But I have come to admire their look (minus the slobber!) and the fierce look they can sometimes have. Aslan is my favorite (even tho Mr Pooch will say he's only a mix) with Otis, Mojo and Uallis, a very close second!!!. I would love to become one of Aslan's friends because I would not want to be a stranger walking up on him. :eek:
Awww, thanks Mr. P. I get along great with kids and animals...it's the others I have the problem with. ;)

I hope some day to see a mastiff, up close and personal. Too bad it can't be Aslan. :( Oh, and I can't leave out queen Bless!
And people think dogs and cats can't get along...wrong! My cat loves Roxxy and they all race down the hallway together (and sound like a herd of elephants, even tho their combined weight is less than 35#!!!). Phoebe is very pretty...I love calico cats.
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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