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dogdragoness :) Have you tried getting down to his ( the ground ) level during the teaching of some of the tricks?

I had not mentioned it before ... I don't believe ... but Eddee used to cower and pee every time I approached him at a fast pace. I believe he has an issue with everything towering over him. This is why he sits atop so many things ... to be above his fears.

I have earned his trust by walking up to him more slowly and getting down to his level ( he is so small ) ... I lean over near the floor as I approach him. He is almost over his fear. Once in a great while I forget myself and approach too quickly ..... but he is almost 100% now.

What if you spent some time sitting on the floor with Buddy while training tricks?

There is just so much "not knowing" about our rescues backgrounds ... sometimes we just need to experiment a bit. :) I sure hope you find the nitch ... I can tell Buddy is your world. :)
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