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He did extremely well at his last group class, I was the problem for the 'test' as I wasn't waiting for good behavior. We got our acts together well enough and we completed the prenovice rally type test with do overs for a couple of problem stations.

Last night I had a couple of late errands to run and he was begging to help me. So I took him along to the bank and Home Depot. Last time he was a mess walking Home Depot's parking lot and didn't go inside at all. This time I fully intended to work him in the parking lot and pop him back in the car when he had enough. Didn't happen. He happily went in Home Depot wagging his tail and sniffing. Passed by shoppers calmly, was able to briefly sit and watch me. Was hoping for a sit stay as I did self checkout but butt to floor was apparently impossible for more than .5 seconds. I'll try the same next easy trip for something tiny. Petsmart, not yet. Fewer dogs in HD.

The critters were out last night and it was hard to come into the house. A few recalls and releases to return to the vigil went extremely smoothly so dogs came in happy in the end. A month ago I had to leash and shove treats in his nose to turn him away!

And after I posted this we weeded the vegetable garden. He was covered with cleavers aka sticktight. After one complaint that I was pulling hair he realized that it didn't actually hurt and I was able to use a flea comb between his toes to get them out.

However. Horses. Dogs. Much to continue working on.
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