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i am having trouble getting iorek to stay still so i can brush him lately. i have always brushed him, i try to do it every day to keep him used to it. since he has blown his winter coat he is not liking me to brush him. unfortunately, when he blew his coat it all came out, BUT, it all stayed on him, stuck in the rest of his fur! i have all the winter coat brushed out along his sides and his hind legs, and also under his throat and his belly. but, i am having a lot of trouble getting it out of his back along his spine, on his "bum" above his tail, and i am having an especially hard time getting him to sit still to get the fur out of the back of his head and down the sides of his neck. i am guessing that it probably doesn't feel really good but i try to be super gentle and i never yank on his fur.

so, what i have been doing right from the start is calling him over and getting him to lay down in front of me with the down command and then i treat him. while i am brushing him i talk to him nicely (i don't know if this does anything, it is just something that my mom used to tell us to do when we would brush our childhood dog :)) and i treat him, usually when i clean the fur from the brush (i actually use a rake), i don't give him the treat until i am brushing again. i tell him he is good boy and try to brush some before he scoots away...

is this ok? is there anything else that i can do to help him stay. i should mention that i didn't do a lot of work with him on stay :eek: he does stay when we are working on training but not for a really long time and i would feel bad putting him in a stay and then doing something to him that he really doesn't like.

is there something that i can do, training that i can try, to help me be able to brush him?
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I had the same problem with B'asia this year, especially on the sides of her neck. I put a harness on her and gave her a bully stick. I took it easy and worked in 10 minute increments every day, going over a small section and being very easy. Of course she doesn't like it, but sometimes we have to do what we don't like. That's part of life. When the brushing is done, I take the bully stick and put it in the freezer for the next day. It's so nice to have all that stuff cleaned out! Good luck!
I'd put him up on a grooming table or high surface. Most dogs will stand still more readily that way!
FourIsCompany: i try to find things to distract iorek with but he doesn't seem to be very interested in those things when i get the brush out! :S maybe i will have to try a bully stick or something to that effect. i am going to the pet food store later today so i will have to see what i can find. thank you for the suggestion :) i guess the mane area of a german sheppard is pretty similar to a sammy's! it is a lot of work, but iorek is completely worth it :D

Foyerhawk: iorek is really not a fan of grooming tables. we used to go to a dog wash and we would have to put him up on the table to use the hv dryer. he is NOT a fan of the hv dryer and it never went really well. unfortunately the dog wash closed this passed weekend :( so we can't even practice. i find it easier to get him to lay down on the floor and then sit there with him to get it done. thank you for the suggestion, though :)
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I'm a fan of spreading peanut butter on the walls (ceramic)...letting them lick to their hearts content while I groom or administer meds.
haha! i have not ever heard of doing that before but it sounds like a sure fire way to get them to ignore me completely! :D great idea!! i don't have anywhere that i can do that right now but i will keep it in mind when i move in july. thank you :)
You can also nail an aluminum pie plate to something outside and spread peanut butter on it.
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