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Hello everyone it looks like a great place here and I was hoping to get some advice myself on an issue I have been having. So I have a 3 year female beagle I have had since she was a puppy, within the past few weeks we have brought in a 15 week old Italian grey hound. Their introduction was all done correctly and they seem to get along together great. The only problem I am having is their desire to play with each other every single second their in the room together. May sound like a great problem to have but my issue here is the older dog is a 30 pound beagle and the puppy is only 8 pounds and will not get much bigger, all is fine while just chasing each other but it quickly turns into a wrestling match where the Italian grey hound is non stop biting at the Beagles ears and the beagle just completely man handles the puppy where I feel the puppy is going to get hurt by being slammed to the ground, I don’t see any signs of actual aggression but it’s just the shear size difference that I don’t like how rough they are together. What I’m trying to get at here is I want them to be able to co exist in the same room together and not feel they need to hardcore wrestle every second they see each other. From what I can tell yes the beagle also loves to play and she will instigate some of the time but I feel i can easily settle her down but it’s the puppy who immediately starts jumping in the beagles face which instigates the wrestling, my beagle loves to be in control while playing with other dogs and does not like when she’s not in control of the situation, she does great at the dog park with other dogs her size and wrestles very good with dogs her size and knows when to stop and all of that but it just seems this puppy doesn’t really know dog cues all that well and my beagle has had to correct her a few times when she got too rowdy but again it’s just the size difference that worries me with them wrestling this hard and I just want them to be calm in the same room together which as of now seems impossible.
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