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Brothers Complete. Thoughts?

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There is a local store that created a grain free food. http://www.brotherscomplete.com/

Just wondering what y'all thought about it. It's pricey.
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I've never heard of it but it looks GREAT! However, I wouldn't buy it simply because it's far too expensive and there are equal foods for better prices. If if was going to pay an arm and a leg to feed my dog he'd be getting ZiwiPeak.
I think some people might faint at the price of dog food in my area if that is pricy lol, its not cheap by any means, but, a similer size bage of Orijen here will run you $86...vs $77 for this food.. a 10kg box of Canisource here will run you $99. a TINY bag of Ziwipeak will run you $30, and THK will run you just shy of $200. so $77 for 25bs sounds like a good deal to me lol. that siad, it looks like a great food!
There are so many good foods at far less than this! For this price you could choose a quality kibble and add real meat to it for a much healthier meal. Wellness Core, Nature's Variety Instinct, Taste of the Wild, Evo, Orijen all cost less and are quality foods.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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