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I'm not so sure where else to go, so I felt I would post this story here.

About 7 weeks ago we had two female huskies give birth to two sets of puppies 5 days apart. The mother to the first born litter had accidentally gotten into the same room with the latter litter was staying.She was found a few moments later with the puppy in her mouth (appearing to trying to carry it back to her litter), he was rushed to the vet immediately due to his bleeding puncture wounds. The puppy injured was merely 3 days old.The injury was to his chest (near his stomach).

We arrived at the closest vet, unfortunately it isn't one we particularly are found of and seems eager to end his explanations on our animals quickly.Essentially we waited 2 hours for for the vet to come, our puppy was put into an ace-bandage for a 'pressure wrap' and given a bit of pain-killers. We were sent home and told to bottle feed him and hope for the best. Nothing further was done, no xrays.

For the next following weeks we nursed,stimulated,stayed up and watched over our puppy, returning him to the same vet whom first saw him we were told he would be paralyzed for life and never walk. Devastated we returned home, unsatisfied with him diagnosis and refusal to work with us, we decided to take him elsewhere. Already at 2 weeks he was trying to kick and move his legs so we were sure he had feeling in thus. By the end of week 1 the pressure bandage had been removed.

Taking him to a second vet, he was checked over, having bowel and urine movements on his own and trying to crawl, we were assured by this vet that while there was 'some' nerve damage that continued home-therapy and range of motion exercise we could help him to his feet. Continued bottle-feeding,monitoring and stimulation was given. We were told not to allow him with the rest of his littermates for he was too weak.

We continued to check up with the second vet, he continued to show more and more signs of strength and trying to stand up. Oddly though, around 3 weeks his body began to feel 'broken', in a sense his spine didn't seem to have much structure. Again we ask for a xray to be given but are assured that there wasn't any method to fix it and it would merely grow that way. But should not hinder or give the animal pain.

Weeks continue to pass and now we notice how his spine bends, but he is still attempting to sit up (which eventually achieves) roll to get where he needs and even try to stand.

Still curious and without xrays we are concerned with the bend of the spine, finally we are able to get an xray for the puppy. The xrays conclude his ribs were broken upon impact of the trauma and grew in such a mannerism it put pressure on the spine that bent it in such a way it curved. However we are told that there was no signs of pain within the pup and that continuing to exercise and work with him we will get him on his feet eventually. We questioned about surgery to realign the back and ask about a specialist (Internalist/Orthopedic surgeon) around, we are told the surgery would be out of our range of budget (into the thousands) and that it'd be too painful to put a 5 week old puppy through. If the puppy survived the surgery.

Now at 6 and 1/2 weeks he is still trying to stand but still bent in his spine, feeling we could do more we go to this specialist. Figuring he would at least talk about the injury that did in fact make him grow in such a manner, we get quite different news. Now, his 'assistant' is talking for him, how much she knows I am unsure. But essentially she said a vertebrae above the spine somehow has 'degenative disc disease' and that the road was only 'downhill'. The specialist spoke to the assistant of how he tried to do a surgery on a dog with a similar prospect and only had each other disc collasp after the first he fixed..???

Naturally we were, heartbroken. So I went to the next to look it up, which told me quite different. First off how Siberian Huskies do not carry a genetic factor for this disease and isn't listed in the 'common breeds with such', aswell as the stages of the disease. We also read the survival rate of the surgeries and the rate in which the other discs would 'go bad'. Essentially with 90-95% success rate and a 5% rate of the other discs going bad.. shouldn't surgery be the best option? Is this vet refusing to do surgery because one failed? Is it even possible for our puppy to have this at just a merely 6 1/2 weeks?? There were no tests or even an examination of the puppy only a consultation and a exam of the xrays.

Why would our second vet not see this and act confused when we told her about what the specialist said? Is someone lying here?? I mean, we are told he will loose complete control of his limbs but hasn't even yet had an autopsy or a myelogram was was ran. The puppy seems happy,full of live and not within a bit of pain.

Honestly I am not sure if we should seek out another surgeon or why this one has refused to even do more then suggest putting him down. Please, I could use your help. Has anyone had this issue before?
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