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I'm curious as to the forums thoughts/opinions on the Brittany breed. I recently adopted a French Brittany and am loving her! She's a tiny bit timid but not terribly so.

Here's a picture of everyone:

She's the one nearest the hand. :)

Baggins - that's her name. :)

I know the French Brittany (Epagneul Breton) is a different breed than the Brittany - I'm asking for opinions on either or both. :)
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Don't know anything about them, but she is cute.
according to my breed book they are the same breed

The French Brittany (Epagneul Breton) or Brittany Spaniel is the same as the Brittany according to the FCI
They are all the same breed Just different lines that look quite different.

Lovely dogs, very full on, excitable, eager to please, loving, need a job and a lot of exercise.
Thanks for clearing that up! There's a kennel that breeds the French variety near the shelter where I got this girl, so I've an inkling she may have come from there. Found out today that she's afraid of thunder...so she may be gunshy? We're thinking she's around 8 to 12 months old.
Baggins is adorable!! Are the other two springers?

Yup, French Britts and American Britts are the same breed, just different lines. French Britts often have black markings, which is unacceptable in the show ring, which means that the French Britts are often working dogs only. Their temperaments are practically the same.

If your dog is afraid of thunder, that doesn't necessarily mean she's gunshy. My dog is not fond of thunder (but doesn't freak out), or the vacuum, or the smoke alarm, or the lawn mower, but she has absolutely NO problem with gunfire.

Lovely dogs, very full on, excitable, eager to please, loving, need a job and a lot of exercise
This pretty much sums it up. They are enthusiastic, energetic dogs that are ready to go when you are, but also fond of a couch to curl up on. As long as they have an outlet for their energy they make fantastic house dogs.

Getting our second Britt in 2 weeks!
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Thank you! No, they are Irish Red and White Setters.
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