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:wave:Hi Everyone!

Just want to introduce ourselves to the forum. We are a research-based pet supplement company with a new line of pet product for domestic dogs and cats using mushroom beta-glucan extracts as our backbone formulation.

Located in San Diego and Los Angeles County, California, between the beautiful orchards and ranches, HiPet USA along with its research teams of Animal nutritionists, zoologists, immunologists and microbiologists, foresaw the danger present in the proliferating use of antibiotics as well as the negative impact that contaminants would have on your pet’s overall health. We believe the answer to these emerging problems, as a result of these practices, would be to take a natural, organic, proactive and probiotic approach to maintain animal health while maximizing the quality of life. The benefits to the owners of such an approach would be naturally healthy pets as well as the prevention of microbial mutations in disease treatment.

Unlike most pharmaceuticals, our products do not make the pain or the symptoms go away instantaneously; however, using the best ingredients combined with Mother Nature’s healing wisdom, our formulations can re-activate your pet's own defense mechanism to work efficiently, therefore, rejuvenating and restoring good health to our beloved companions. For instance, if your dog or cat is having minor issues such as indigestion or simply under the weather, the results can be seen as soon as two weeks once the supplement is fully absorbed and integrated by the body.

Our product are 100% natural, safe for all breeds from Chihuahuas to Great Danes, and most importantly, the formulation is backed by GMP standards and a USPTO patented manufacturing procedure to ensure the best quality of mushroom beta glucan extracts for your pets. Please visit our website at www.hipetusa.com for more information.

Thank you for giving us the chance to be here and share our product, please feel free to ask us any questions.:yo:
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