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Tracking and scentwork are two different things. They are taught differently and they require different canine capabilities and skillsets.

Some trainers who work both go so far as to say they are incompatible to some extent. I don't know if I would go that far, but they are very different.

A dog that is using both ground-tracking and air-scenting about equally in following a trail is considered to be "trailing", rather than tracking. Some people think that trailing is good and useful. Some don't like it at all.

I do know that in tracking tests and trials, if a judge considers that a dog is clearly trailing rather than tracking , they can lose points or be whistled off the track.

As far as breed specifics are concerned, the "traditional" tracking and scent-work breeds do tend to predominate in both activities. However, I've seen enough different dogs - including mixed breeds - doing one or the other that I would hesitate to be categorical about it.
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