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Getting a new puppy can be an exciting and memorable experience for a new owner. We At Big-Paws.com think that breeders can make this an even more memorable experience by sending your puppies out in style. You’ll certainly leave a long lasting impression on your clients.

Why let your hard work leave out the door to its new home with a cheap and small collar, why not send it out with a stylish French made collar?

This collar combo is not only stylish but is also safe and practical. Let us explain why.
Most of your puppies will have to learn how to walk on a leash fairly soon and for some reason people insist on putting hair thin collars on their dogs throat. A thinner collar can in some cases cause irreparable injuries to your dog’s throat and trachea during training if not used properly. Our range of Puppy collars are wider than your average collar for a simple reason, a wider collar means that the force applied on your puppies trachea/throat is spread throughout the width of the collar as apposed to a much smaller area reducing the risk of injuries.

For more information on our puppy package, come and visit us @ www.big-paws.com or contact us at [email protected]

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