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I went to a cerf clinic this morning. Everyone was nice, but I felt just a tiny bit silly, I must admit. Lot's of big vehicles with custom platforms and 2-6 dogs per vehicle. When asked if I was breeding, I said, "No. I'm here cause my dog is having problems locating her bumpers". So yeah, I was a light weight.

Anyway, I was talking to a guy who's Golden obviously hunted and he was planning on breeding. He pulled out his cerf to show me that his dog had a "small" cataract, which was picked up 2 exams ago. They determined it wasn't hereditary, (how, I'm not sure) and that there had been no change in a year. He said, if there was still no change, he was cleared to breed. - (Huh?)

Unless I'm missing something,
a) How did they determine it was not hereditary? Is there a dna test for cataracts in Goldens?

b) If there is no change in the cerf this year, how does that clear him for breeding? Wouldn't a reputable breeder spay/neuter the dog at this point anyway?

He was clearly proud that his dog was doing well in the blind and upland hunting.

Is it me, or am I misunderstanding the cataracts in breeding dogs?
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