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Breed Recomendations

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I own an English Springer Spaniel. A friend of mine is looking for a new dog. She really likes the temperament of Max (my Springer), so we've started looking at other breeds similar to a Springer. I'll post the list of breeds she's interested in. If you own, have owned in the past, or know someone who has owned one of these breeds, please tell me what you thought of them! Also, if you could suggest other breeds that you think she'd like, please do so!
Breeds she's considering:
American Cocker Spaniel
Field Spaniel
American Water Spaniel
Irish Water Spaniel
Clumber Spaniel
Sussex Spaniel
English Cocker Spaniel
Welsh Springer Spaniel

I should also mention that while all the dogs on the list are spaniels, it's just because she likes their temperament and looks. She's definitely open to other kinds of dogs. :) Also, she has a big yard, and time to take the dog on fairly lengthy walks, so size and energy level isn't really an issue.

Thanks for the help! :)
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Go to a shelter or rescue. You can find any breed you want if you're willing to look and wait, and plenty of mixed breeds are great dogs with the personality and looks she likes.

If she does buy a puppy, please make sure she doesn't buy from a back yard breeder or puppy mill. The dogs are treated horribly and the breeds she likes tend toward some nasty neurological disorders only ethical breeders test for.
What is she looking for as far as size, grooming, and energy level? The spaniels are similar, but can differ on these points. I'm getting a welsh springer in a few months - I like that they are lower energy than the english and their grooming needs tend to be lower (less hair than the show bred english springers and cockers). They're also described as "velcro dogs". Welshies, and some of the others you listed (field, water, clumber, and sussex), do tend to be very rare. I've been waiting since last November for my welsh so if your friend is really interested in a specific breed, let her know that a good breeder could have a long wait. If she's more interested in just getting a dog now, a shelter would probably be a better bet.

Another one to consider is the Brittany. They are pointers, not spaniels, but similar in size, looks, and temperament. They're much more common than a lot of the spaniels you listed (much easier to find a good breeder) because lots of people use them for hunting and there's no division between show and hunting lines. Before seriously considering welshies, the brittany was my top choice. I've known some and DH grew up with one and they're great dogs.

I would also recommend checking out shelters - if you live in an area with lots of hunting, it might not be hard to find something like a brittany or other spaniel. I know in my area it's generally impossible to find these types though. If she's not set on the type so much, I'm sure she'll find a dog with the perfect personality for her.
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