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Breed Ideas? Biased people WELCOME!

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I am trying to decide on a breed and/or mix breed (would look for these mixes if I adopt from shelter or petfinder). I have the chance to get an Aussie, but I want to make sure all of my options are explored before I make this big decision. (I didn't struggle this much over my apartment or car choice, BTW.) :eek:

Here are the things I'd like to have:

*Smart, pretty easily trained
*Basic tricks
*Maybe play ball/frisbee
*Attractive (aren't they all?)
*Good with older kids (mine is 7, visited occasionally by a 3 year old)
*Needs moderate exercise
*Eventually would like to get my daughter into 4-H with the dog
*Barking would be a problem as we can hear our neighbors all the time! (I can't wait to move to a house!!!)
*Small to small-medium dog (Avoiding toys or gargantuan dogs. LOL)

My facts:

*I live in an apt, second floor. Large floor space to play, and large yard/field in back right out our door.
*Off in the summers, work during school year 7 hours a day. Would be crated.
*I have a 7 year old daughter that NEEDS a companion and is very responsible and dog savvy.
*We walk about a mile or more each day and go to the park a couple times a week and walk even more.
*We have time to devote to play and training every day.
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You may want to look at Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retreivers. The English Cocker Spaniel seems to fit your bill perfectly. English and American Cockers are 2 seperate breeds and have very different personalities and looks, is it both breeds of cocker that you're afraid of? Of course you could always go with an lovable shelter mix, since 4-H allows you to show mixes. I will however warn you though that the show bug is contagious and your daughter may want to go further with her dog and show ay AKC or UKC shows, especialy is she's into animals. I started with my family's mix in 4-H and ended up getting a purebred within a year so I coud do even more than just 4-H.

I thought 4H did farm stuff. No idea they could do obedience stuff in there, cool.
4-H is WAY MORE than just "farm stuff". There is of course optin to raise acution animals, but they have projects for just about anything ou can think of. My county had projects for other things Fine Arts, Llamas, Leadership, Public Speaking, Cake decorating, Outdoor cooking, Fishing, and we even had a Rock Climbing project. The projects available depend on your club/county and if there's anyone available to teach them.
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