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Breed guesses?

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These are my newest additions. The people I rescued them from thought they were 12 weeks old when I got them so 13 weeks old now. The poor things were skinny and their coats were so dull. They're doing better now at 9 and 10 pounds. They said mom was a 100+ pound purebred Lab and dad was described as "over 100 pounds, black with long hair, brown feet and a huge mane around his neck like a lion". They thought Shepherd. Either they're younger or dad was a smaller dog.

Anyway, any guesses?

This is Casey

And this is Corbin

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lab/german shepherd
i definately see lab and shep. but something about the first pup says husky to me.
or maybe bc or aussie.
No idea about breed, but BOY are they cute!
I had a confirmed Dobe/GSD mix that looked a lot like your first pup.
I'd guess either GSD or Doberman, but Corbin's coloration is very Rottweiller-esque, so I wouldn't rule out Rottie either.
Thanks for the input!
My first reaction was Shepherd/Hound.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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