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Breed Guesses Needed!

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This dog is one that I adopted out of the shelter, right now I consider him to be a foster. He needed someone to help him out and since I have the time and the resources to do so, here he is. He's estimated to be three years old but his teeth and behavior suggest somewhere closer to five years of age. He's a big fella about 26" at the shoulder and 80lbs. I personally think he could stand to lose some weight as did the veterinarian at the shelter. I might add that I believe him to be a GSD/Newf mix. Seems unlikely but his bones are just massive and his coat is much thicker than any long-haired GSD I've ever seen.

He tested strong positive for heartworms, so there won't be many pictures of him since I have to keep him very quiet for a few months. He's had his first "fast kill" treatment already and he goes back in August for his second round. He doesn't have a name at the moment. I keep going back and forth between Major, Mamba, and Sirius. Any suggestions would be appreciated! I know these pics suck but I'm working with a camera phone and way too bright lighting. /facepalm

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I would say shepherd/newf as well. And I think Bear is a perfect name!
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