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Breed for Longer Life Span

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This is just a whimsical idea but what if someone started a non profit organization dedicated to extending the lifespan of dogs.
Like.. what if you froze a bunch of sperm from 100 different dogs and then wait and see which dogs live the most years

After they die of old age or whatever, those oldest dogs are the sperm donors you select for the next generation, etc.
After a few hundred years maybe dogs could live to be 25? What do you think.

Pie in the sky.
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That seems like a double edged sword, because generally dogs physical condition starts deteriorating around 10. Lets say a dog lives to 20, not only do I not want to care for a dog with health issues for an extended period of time but it simply isn't fair to the dog. Yeah, I've seen people keep dogs around for a couple years or more having to use a sling to get their dog up off the ground and constantly changing diapers, but that's not fair for me or the dog.

That is my concern anyway. I'd rather have a dog live a very full life for ~12 years than to have many years after in a decrepit state.
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