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Breed Bias

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Part of my family is absolutely freaking out that we are keeping one of the pit bull puppies that we rescued a couple of weeks ago. My parents are the absolute worst. They buy into every myth they hear, and I couldn't help but laugh the other day when my mama kept going on and on about how "they all turn and when they bite you their jaws lock, blah, blah, blah..." We live next door to my parents, so I've made a point to take Scarlett with me pretty much every time I've been over there in the last week. I've made it my mission to change their minds. When I told my mom what my plan was, she kind of jokingly said that the first time she "growls or snaps" at someone she'd be reaching for her gun. When I asked her why she hadn't brought out the gun for my sister's little yappy mutt that bark, growl, and snaps at EVERYBODY, she shut it down.

We stopped by my sister's house today too (she lives on the other side of mom and dad) and was talking to my brother-in-law about Scarlett when he asked if she was a pit. When I said yes he kind of winced and said "Ooooh." I asked him why he responded that way he just said, "I just don't like them." So I asked him, "Have you ever met a real, live pit bull in person?" Of course his answer was no, but that he was afraid of them. It was the first honest answer I've heard out of anyone. So I assured him there would be no reason for him to be afraid of her, now or ever and asked that he at least give her a chance.

When we decided to keep Scarlett I knew there was going to be some challenges because of her breed, but it really bugs me that my family is so ignorant about the breed. I ask myself all the time how I ended up such an open minded person when the rest of my family is so prejudice.
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We have had some wonderful 'Pits' around here.
One escape artist used to get loose all the time and we'd round her up.
Sweet sweet dog.
Looked and acted just like Petey from 'Our Gang'
They have wonderful owners.

Then we have had some horrible 'Pits'.
Two of them broke out of their kennel and mauled 3 cats to death.
This in front of the cats' owner who was them penned against a car by the dogs.
She wasn't bitten but was rightfully about scared to death.
The dogs' owner was cited, fined and made to pay restitution.
Also had to remove the dogs from his premises.
(I'm about 1/4 mile from the Cincinnati City limits where they are Banned.
http://www.pittiesplace.com/cincinnati.htm )
And of course they have horrible owners.
Their 'Pits' were from the aggressive fighting lines.Aggressively trained and by idiot owners.

Sadly it only takes a few attacks to poison a breed's reputation for decades.
Especially w/ the media these days.
And banning is a cheap political fix.
Person gets bitten.... then another.......someone brings up a banning law.......you want to be the politician voting down banning them?
It's political suicide.
The dogs bred from true fighting lines are among the most gentle with people. Human aggressive dogs were always culled out of fighting lines. A well known fact that human aggression and dog aggression are two different things.

Look at the rescued Michael Vick Dogs...They have all done great.
Personally I would never get a pitbull (or a mastiff, rottweiler, wolf/wolf mix, etc.). You see on the news all the time that the family pet, that has never shown aggression before, suddenly attacking/killing babies. Of course there are exceptions, but why take a chance? Especially if there is a child in the home?

This is a extreme example: I like bears. I don't think we should kill them all, but I would never have a pet bear because they are dangerous.

A lot of people defend pitbulls by saying, "the dog on the little rascals was a pitbull..."
Take a look at these two pictures:

They may both be pitbulls, but I think its pretty safe to say that they have changed a lot since then. And as far as "human-aggression" vs. "dog-aggression", whose to say one couldn't lead to the other? And besides, why would you want a dog that was very aggressive towards other dogs?

Here's a Q&A from dogsbite.org:

Q: Do pit bulls bite more than other dogs?

Depending upon the community in which you live and the ratio of pit bulls within it, yes and no. But whether a pit bull bites more or less than another dog breed is not the point. The issue is the acute damage a pit bull inflicts when it does choose to bite. The pit bull's "hold and shake" bite style causes severe bone and muscle damage, often inflicting permanent and disfiguring injury. Moreover, once a pit bull starts an attack, firearm intervention may be the only way to stop it.

When analyzing dog bite statistics, it is important to understand what constitutes a bite. A single bite -- recorded and used in dog bite statistics -- is a bite that "breaks the skin." One bite by a poodle that leaves two puncture wounds is recorded the same way as a pit bull mauling, which can constitute hundreds of puncture wounds and extensive soft tissue loss. Despite the "quagmire" of dog bite statistics, pit bulls are leading bite counts across U.S. cities and counties.14
I hope you do not.... Drive in a car, take a bath, cook, get near bees, swim, ride a bicycle, roller blade, etc.

Because all of those things are FAR more dangerous than dogs.

Pomeranians have killed people. Labs kill people. A Lab just destroyed a little girls face near me. All dogs are capable of killing.
With mistreatment and bad training, the average pit bull (or almost any dog breed) can be made human aggressive. There are several threads here where people using certain training techniques are on their way to creating a human aggressive dog from one that's eager to please but doesn't understand why they get alpha rolls, jowl grabs, pin downs, kicks/prods and confusing tch-es. When the human aggressive training is intentional, it can be even more 'effective'.

BTW, the episode of DogTown that featured the Michael Vick dogs was very good (it's available on NetFlix for those interested). It shows how dogs can overcome previous negative handling.
Now you are talking about treatment. But that part of your original post, said "from aggressive fighting lines".
That is what I was commenting to and the reason I only bolded that part.

Now you are saying that it doesn't matter where they came from. How they are treated is the cause.

And I am not talking about the dog town pits. I am talking about the ones that Bad Rap took. All the ones with CGCs, therapy dogs, etc.
BTW I am loosely associated with a group that is pulling dogs from animal control and training them to be service dogs for our veterans coming back from the middle east.

We are EXCLUSIVELY using pit bulls. And we are not the only agency doing that. The reason is that shelters are full of healthy young pit bulls, with great temperaments, and the aptitude and drive to move on to being service dogs.
Put two of my three dogs in that video with the rabbit, guinnea pig, and cat, they would eat the rabbit and guinnea pig, and if they did not know the cat, they would kill it.

My third dog might eat the rabbit and guinnea pig, and would lick the cat from head to toe.

My ACD's are high drive and have a high prey drive. And I have cats. They are fine with "their" cats but all interaction is supervised. If a cat happened in the yard while either of them were out, it would be a goner.

They will bite people as well. Under the right circumstances. Anyone that has an ACD and thinks it will not bite someone (or any dog for that matter) is kidding themselves. Many ACDs will bite quick. It is not that they are aggressive. They are not. Both are finished AKC champions. Merlin is a Grand Champion, earn his bronze achievement level, is nationally ranked, yadda yadda. He LOVES people. He has done meet the breed booths, done events at schools, Scout meetings, been in the public all over the place.
But he will BITE! quick! All it would take is to walk in my house with out me inviting you in, stick your hands in my vehicle, etc....Hard to explain but I tell people ACDs seldom tolorate what they perceive as rudeness.

It is not whether or not a dog will bite or not.... Because they will all bite under certain circumstances.

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Anyone that thinks to themselves..... But what can I do??????

I give you the State of Florida.........

1) In the late 1980's local communities were starting to try to pass breed bans....

So the dog community got together and I give you Florida Statute 767.14

767.14 Additional local restrictions authorized.--Nothing in this act shall limit any local government from placing further restrictions or additional requirements on owners of dangerous dogs or developing procedures and criteria for the implementation of this act, provided that no such regulation is specific to breed and that the provisions of this act are not lessened by such additional regulations or requirements. This section shall not apply to any local ordinance adopted prior to October 1, 1990.

We changed history in 1990...... By adding a SINGLE statement to State Law.... No corporations, no powerful lobbyists, etc.... Just people.... And I take a share of credit for this..... It was 257 miles from the house I owned back then to the Holiday Inn down the road from the State Capital. It is 254 miles from my current house and the State Capital. I cannot tell you how many times I have made the drive. I know every inch of road and can drive it in my sleep. In fact I practically have.

So in 1990 some regular people got together and convinced Legislators to see the common sense of our point of view. It became against State Law to enact a breed ban in the State of Florida. A couple of communities tested it in court. They lost...

When it all shook out there was only a single hold out.... Miami/Dade County.....They passed their ban prior to the revision in the State Law.... So they were grandfathered in.....

It has been 22 years...... And it became pretty much an accepted fact that Miami's ban was going to be a forever thorn in the side of the Dog community in Florida.

Enter Dahlia Canes...... Just a woman that got tired of seeing good dogs destroyed just because of their breed.

Dahlia started by herself with just desire.... It has taken years... She has been attacked in the press and nearly attacked in person... But she kept going......She was determined to overturn Miami's breed ban.

Now Thousands and thousands stand beside her.

We thought we had the votes in the Commission to overturn it this past winter. But some sideways manouvering kept it from being voted on.

But Dahlia has a card or two up her sleeve. The group led by her managed to get the commissioners to put it to the people. I direct you to banner at the bottom of my posts.
On August 14th the people of Miami are going to end breed bans in Florida once and for all.....

And all this started with one person....
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