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Breathtaking or show stopping dog breeds...

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That dog that just commands attention wherever and whenever... very few breeds seemingly can do that, I've been around dogs for 40 years now but there are a select few that come to mind you don't see every day.

I've never owned any of the three listed but it seems that people can't flock to these dogs and their owners fast enough when they're out on the street or at the parks. Looks like an absolute joy to walk these attention magnets.

Great Dane -

I thought my English Mastiffs were big dogs. The first time I saw a Great Dane back in the 80's my jaw surely dropped as it made my English Mastiff look like a Chihuahua and I probably looked like a fool. You can't help but stand and stare at these gentle giants. They have the most wonderful personality and temperament.. they wouldn't hurt a fly. I have vowed to get one some day for the last 20 years and I still intend to own one of these in the near future. It seems that whenever I see one out and about they are the biggest attention magnets possible.. cars stop in the middle of the road, people come running out of stores just to meet these dogs and their owners, it takes their owners forever just to make it down the block. It must be a nice feeling to own a dog everybody wants to meet and adore and one that you don't see on every street corner such as a lab or doberman ect. I make it a point to watch these guys after the Boxers, nothing like that effortless, majestic Great Dane gait.. beauty in motion and a very unique dog.

Irish Wolfhound -

I also vowed never to own a dog with longer hair.. but I would make an exception for the Irish Wolfhound without a doubt. Like the Great Dane, this dog just commands attention wherever it goes. Very regal and tall, like the Great Dane it makes other supposed 'giants' look small due to its sheer size. Very easy going and willing to do most anything to please its owner the Irish Wolfhound has really found a place in my heart. Very intelligent and always willing to please, I have yet to see an Irish Wolfhound back down from any task it is given and it always seems determined to go above and beyond what its owner asks. Again, a very unique looking dog.. the brindle Irish Wolfhound has to be my favorite color throughout the breed.. just a stunning, elegant animal. Unfortunately the breeding has become such in the last decade or so and now it's hard to find a decent reputable breeder for these giants. Unfortunate, but still on my wish list.

Neapolitan Mastiff -

Isn't that just the most huggable face you have ever seen? These guys are lookers and the biggest bears around! I had the immense pleasure of looking after two last week and fell in love with them. Lumbering rhinos I like to call them. If you've never seen a Neo's gait, you're missing out. Their cat like gait is both amusing and stunning when they're in motion.. I don't think you can find a more graceful mover out there although the Wolfhound and the Dane may give it a run for its money. Very strong minded and strong willed dog but also extremely intelligent.. I think most people assume underneath those dewlaps is a peanut sized brain. But again, a very unique looking breed and a dog you notice when it is walking down the street. Haven't met many of these guys but they seem to be sort of popular lately.. but darn do they ever drool. I have never met a dog that drools as much as these guys do... but that's just a minor little quirk.

So try as I might, I've gone back over the breeds I've owned, the breeds I've seen and the breeds I've heard and seen of. I can not come up with more than these 3 that seem to be the biggest attractions when seen walking down the street. Please, do share.
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Don't have much time at all to go over the replies right now but I will get back to this later tonight...

Dane's are giants that is for sure. They are ok by me, though not a breed I would own. My friends male is gigantic to me it'd be like having a mini horse around. Of course that would be part of the attraction.
The size is really secondary to me although its hard not to be impressed.. or terrified at how enormous these guys are. I just feel they're perfectly put together when you look at their structure (most!), temperament and their willingness to please as well as how incredibly loyal they are to their owners. When I hear these guys referred to as couch potatoes I think of all the dock diving, tracking, agility and schutzhund Danes you see over in Europe. Very versatile and gorgeous looking animals.

I've never been impressed by Irish Wolfhound. But that is just me.
It took me a few years to warm up to them. I think after spending a ton of time around the breed I really began to appreciate them a lot more. The thing I really enjoy about the wolfhounds is their, again, willingness to please and I find that trait endearing in most any dog.

When I see a Neapolitan Mastiff I see a big pile of wrinkles and not much to be proud of. Again that is my taste and that is why this will be a good thread, to see what breeds stop us in our tracks. If I see an old school Neo, then I get very excited. To see the breed as they once were and should be. Not like an over sized bloodhound/Shar Pei looking creature who can barely see through his/her skin folds and typically overweight to boot. Yes that gets my attention and I will find out more about the dog. Which reminds me I like the old school Shar Peis as well, beautiful dogs.

Which I assume you're talking about in terms of looks? I would definitely agree. Most of the Neo's I have seen are not like that thank goodness. I think as the breed is slowly getting a little more popular there is no stopping the Neo's that look like the over sized Shar Pei's as you alluded to but I'd still like to think there are many breeders out there that are breeding them the way they're supposed to be bred. But yes, the proper Neo's are quite stunning to me, the overly wrinkled ones.. not so much.

Kangal you will never see me pass one by
Pretty good looking dogs, don't know if I could deal with the shedding though.

Presa Canario certain ones are a turn off for sure, but one with a nice build and looking good
I do like these guys. Remind me of the Corso quite a bit.

Cane Corso not the overdone/over sized kind of course The ones which are balanced and in shape
Beautiful dogs. Don't think I've seen an unbalanced one yet. I think that the brindle colouring on these guys is striking.. don't see it too often though.
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I think some individual dogs, from generally unremarkable breeds, demand attention because of the way they carry themselves and because of their own canine charisma.
I completely agree.

Well I guess if you own a dog for attention the bigger the better.

Not my bag.
That's not at all what I'm saying. I like my dogs big, but never said I own them for attention as that's just an added perk.

Besides, it's a moot point as I don't currently own any of the 3 I listed.

i want to own them because they get "my" attention :)
Exactly, and that's what this topic is about.

(TxCollies will tell you this! It drives her nuts!) I'm a sucker for ANY dog that can MOVE. I'm not talking about speed, but about that really effortless, fully extended, springy gait that is so eyecatching in the show ring or the field - or in the backyard :).
Great front extension, good impulsion from behind, no interferance- it's GORGEOUS. A really well put together corgi (or spitz) can do this, as can most of the toys (with the exception of Pekes- but even Shih Tzu and Chin can have this movement if they're put together correctly.) The dog's size doesn' tmatter - the breed doesn't matter - but if they've got the clean, effortless movement AND breed type? WOW.
Took the words out of my mouth. :cool:

I absolutely LOVE watching a Neo's gate or a Wolfhound or a Dane run (or gait) because of their fluidity in motion. They lope around while easily keeping up with the other dogs but when they really want to move it's stunning and you really can't help but stand and stare. Love that effortless motion in any dog.
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