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I posted a month or two ago about my lab puppy and how she couldn't sleep unless I gently insisted and put her in her crate.

Well, last weekend we had a breakthrough. I puppyproofed my room as much as possible, sat on the floor and waited her out. And eventually, she crashed! Since then, whenever she's tired she sacks out on the floor or puts herself to bed in her crate. The first time she went into her crate and fell asleep I nearly cried.

Not only that, but the last two nights she's slept in my bed and been a complete snuggly angel.

I am just over the moon! She's been such an easy puppy so far, and now that she seems to be over this phase (fingers crossed) she is that much easier to be around. I know there could be setbacks and I'm prepared for them, but right now I just want to leap around in joy! I love my dog!!! :clap2:
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Congrats! Persistence, patience, and love ...... a great combo!

If you do have any set-backs ... don't fret ... just keep doing what you are doing! Good Job! :)

Remember this moment when you have a kid throwing a temper tantrum. ;)
Congrats. As Abbylynn said, don't worry about the setbacks that may come as the pup gets older, just work through them...

However..... it may be possible to teach your pup to sleep on cue... Years ago, when one of my pups was well-exercised, I would rub his cheek and whisper sleep, over and over... kind of like singing a lullaby. Anyway, 10 years later, I could still encourage him to sleep using the same rub and whisper...
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