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Breakthrough Day!

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Tucker and I had a breakthrough day today! It’s like he’s a new dog. We’ve gone back to the basics on a lot of our training and it’s paying off.

Leave It!: numerous times today he’s been sniffing at or trying to chew on something I’d rather he didn’t, and he gave me the head snap every time I told him to Leave It. Of course, I rewarded him handsomely, both in treats (small bits of yumminess) and praise.

He’s been searching out his toys to chew on, instead of whatever was nearest. Just now, he crawled under the bed to get at a ball that has bits of treat stuck inside (even I can’t get them out).

While we were in the yard, he came when I called him, and when he wanted the toy I had in my pocket, he sat instead of jumping up to grab it. What’s so impressive is that when he grabs for the leash or toy or parts of me, he’s in a fairly revved up state; but he found the self-control to not jump, and to sit when I asked him to. I’m being much more consistent in my training; meaning, I make him wait at every door, sitting, and give me eye contact before releasing him. I vary the length of time of required eye contact, as well. Today, our neighbor was near our fence and Tucker really, really wanted to go out to bark and protect his property, but I made him sit patiently and wait until I gave the okay. Several times he rushed the deck, but since he was on-leash, I was able to reset him back to the original position. This was a lesson in self-control for us both. Often times I just want to get where I’m going, as does Tucker.

He’s also been great when I’ve asked him to Give! I gave him a rope toy using Take It! and played tug with him for a couple of seconds, then asked for a Give! Granted, I’m still at the stage where he needs treats to comply, but this is a great first step.

Whoo-hoo! There’s light at the end of my tunnel!:D
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Thats awesome!!

So glad things are looking good :D
Well, yesterday we had a breakthrough day, and today he's back to his old snarkiness. While on our walk this morning he started jumping and snapping at me and broke the skin on my hand with his mouth. I finally got him in a down/stay and he calmed down, but it took several minutes. I snapped the leash back on him (I only had a 4' leash with me, which when he's jumping on me that way is too short to leave on) and back home we went.

I don't know what sets him off. We were walking in the hills, off leash, and he was minding me. Oh...I remember. I thought he might like a game of fetch (I wish he was a fetcher, but we are still working on that one), so I pulled out my Chuck-It and the rest is history. Fetching seems to rile him up, as does me running away -- when I'm trying to get him to catch me.
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