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(ETA : typo = schnoodle)

hello everyone!

I have been reading on this most wonderfully informative forum for a few weeks. We got our precious Lucy just 2 weeks ago, she is now 10 weeks. We are first time dog owners and I have NO IDEA what I am doing, LOL!

I am on a huge learning curve here on all things dog, so please bear with me if I ask a lot of questions. I am trying to find as much info in the forums archives as I can.

Right now I am concerned about choosing the proper food. The breeder had her on Life's Abundance, but I had decided that I wanted a grain free food from the very beginning to prevent allergies and hopefully prevent (or help) tear staining as she is an apricot. The boutique food store nearby offered me many choices and I chose NB grain free small breed (just a guess really). She has been on it since she got home with no problems except for one day of vomiting this week, which I think was from giving her few too many treats the day before. That has passed and she seems fine again. She eats well, although less than what the package says she should. She is about 3.5 pounds now, to be 10-12 pounds. She is eating about 1/8 cup 3 times a day.

But as I am looking at other foods and comparing things here are my concerns:

1) The NB food is for puppy to adulthood, and I don't think it has as much protein as some pure puppy foods.

2) Am I doing her a disservice by starting her off on grain free when she has no evidence of allergies yet? (although I do think she is scratching and chewing her paws less than when I first got her. I also think the tear staining might be a tad better as well, but hard to tell.)

3) Is she eating enough and getting enough protein?

4) I am aware of the recent recall but also ties to this food and severe pancreatitis and even dog deaths ( really scares me).

She is very energetic, happy. I am no dog expert but she looks good to me. I have no experience to judge her coat, eyes and teeth.

Any information or advice you guys could give would be most appreciative. We are head over heels for Lucy and I want only the best for her.



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