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Hello and good morning,
Introducing myself here to get things started.
I'm a new mom to a 17 week old Aussie Shepherd names Ryder. I have two other pups as well, a 10 1/2 yr male old English Lab: 100 lbs and a 6 1/2 yr old female Weimaraner 40 lbs. the only other Dog we've had was a boxer named Hudson. He lived until age 13 until he was taken by cancer. Amazing being he was.
They all bring something special and unique to our pack. The newest member is the Aussie. I'm completely new to the breed, other than Internet research. So far I'm amazed at the Aussies intelligence level. Boy oh boy is he smart. He's an observer, a sponge and a clown. He is going to be an incredible dog. We will begin training with him in a few short weeks and this will include service capabilities as I unfortunately have some medical issues that I may need assistance with in the future. That is us and I look forward to sharing and learning here. Cheers all.
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