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Brady Boy and Gracie Pie

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This is my sweet Gracie Pie. We adopted her from a local animal shelter about a month ago. I'm not sure what kind of dog she is, but I'm thinkin' she's a pitbull/red heeler/lab mix. She's about 9 months old and has one crooked ear but she is sooo sweet and snuggly! She's very smart and only had two accidents in the house before she became potty trained. She knows how to sit and stay perfectly and we are working on down. She's crazy about food and does a crazy little dance while we get her food ready. She's like a zombie when she's asleep. You can wiggle her legs and wag her tail and she won't even flinch. I love her sooo much!!

This is my sweet Brady Boy. We adopted him the same day we adopted Grace. I know for a fact that he is part border collie, he does that herding thing while crouching down, especially when he plays with Grace. The other part of him is a mystery. I'm guessing he is part dalmation because of previous pictures of border collie/dalmation mixes that i have seen. He does look like he has a little pit in him, too. Who knows??? The only way we can tucker him out is when we take him to the dog park. He is very light on his feet and and crazy when he runs. He is very smart and knows how to sit and lie down great, but just too jiggly to stay.

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Sooo cute! It looks like they get along just fine :D
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