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Boxer or Bandogge?

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Hi, we have 2 “Boxer” dogs that are 22 months old. We were told they are Boxer when we rescued them from going to the pound at 1 month old. We have never seen the parents but know someone who has and have been assured they are Boxer but I have always wondered but never cared enough to look into it. One (Sadie) has a much longer nose than her sister (Sophie) so I was doing a little research and came across the Bandogge breed….I have never heard of it. Now I am wondering if that is what they might be. Sophie is 85 lbs and Sadie is 76. They are big babies. I will post a picture if someone can tell me how. I’d really to know. Thanks
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I grew up with a purebred boxer. She was all white, her muzzle was too smushed and broad, her body was too short and broad, her tail was docked too short, and so on. So, a purebred boxer can vary from the standard.

With that, they are most likely a mix. Which is all a "bandogge" is. It is not a breed and it may contain a variety of breeds and still be called a bandogge.

If you want to know, I really recommend doing a dna test.
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