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My recently adopted puppy, whom I think is a great dane seems to have bow legs. When we picked him up on Monday I didn't think they were bow-legged at all, but now they seem to be and he seems a little stiff walking on them. We are taking him to the vet tomorrow to have them checked out but in the mean time:

Is there anything I can do to help him?
Is it likely that he'll grow out of it or should I be worried about it staying this way?
I know he is in a growth spurt and didn't know if that was part of it

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Here is a great website for information on great danes and nutrition.

There are supplements out there that help The link below is my favorite for joint problems (or to prevent them) I have all my bostons on it and the Optigest pre-pro biotic.

Thanks guys...I'm hoping the vet can help him and maybe try those supplements...they aren't terrible, he just looks a little uncomfortable and I don't want him to feel that way
I'm glad you're taking him to the vet...and I second on reading the GreatDane Ladie's stuff. She has some pics and advice on Dane nutrition, etc. Good Luck and congrats on your pup!
The vet says that he is a great dane...at least partly and that his bow-leggedness is just him having growth spurts and needing to grow into them lol so it seems that he will be ok
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