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Bouvier Des Flandres / Poodle Mix Becoming Agressive with my other dogs

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Greetings. I have an issue I hope you can help me with. I have 3 male dogs. 5 yo lab/shepherd, 2 yo lab/pit & the most recent addition a 11+ mo bouvie/poodle mix. All the dogs are neutered and get along great......until recently. My bouvie has started to aggressively attack my lab/pit mix Milo. Milo is the sweetest most gentle dog, and does not "fight" back. We have had the bouvie since March (got him from a reputable breeder when he was 16 wks). We just recently had the bouvie neutered as we noticed some aggression, but only with Milo. The breeder suggested we wait until he was 18 mo so he would receive all his growth hormones, he currently weights 82 lbs. I am guessing this is a pack dominance behavior but have to say I do not care for it. We do not use harmful training technics and the dogs are never hit. How do I stop this behavior before one of my dogs gets hurt? We do not have professional training centers in the small town I live in, the best we have is agility training. We have a large fenced in yard and all the dogs have plenty of exercise daily. Also the aggression only happens when the dogs are in the house. They play just fine outside.
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I've always loved the Bov's , the higher maintenance coat kept me away and they are a strong nature breed to bring into a multiple dog house hold. Current age is one factor, switching over from puppy to young adult (still with a puppy brain) and if Milo is the weakest makes him an easy target for an up coming puppy testing to see where he can win, (repeat behaviors that are rewarding and easy wins) if Khan can't behave himself and make good choices during this growing mental phase, then he needs some tough love restriction , baby gate area in the house, on leash with you inside outside if milo is also loose. structure daily routine by the clock the dog can count on, one on one time with you so you two build a strong bond especially in trust communication and physical skills together.

the adult male I brought into my house, strong personality. he may have wanted to rip every ones heads off for breaking his rules.. but it was our relationship that talked him down, and to let it go.. You can't be beating Khan down,, spend your time not giving him the opportunity to make bad choices,, set him up to win in your environment, and build him up with your one on one time learning razer sharp team with skills with you... Coming out of this growing phase towards a balanced adult that is focused on you,, and not Milo as what defines his daily life..
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