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Bouvier Des Flandres / Poodle Mix Becoming Agressive with my other dogs

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Greetings. I have an issue I hope you can help me with. I have 3 male dogs. 5 yo lab/shepherd, 2 yo lab/pit & the most recent addition a 11+ mo bouvie/poodle mix. All the dogs are neutered and get along great......until recently. My bouvie has started to aggressively attack my lab/pit mix Milo. Milo is the sweetest most gentle dog, and does not "fight" back. We have had the bouvie since March (got him from a reputable breeder when he was 16 wks). We just recently had the bouvie neutered as we noticed some aggression, but only with Milo. The breeder suggested we wait until he was 18 mo so he would receive all his growth hormones, he currently weights 82 lbs. I am guessing this is a pack dominance behavior but have to say I do not care for it. We do not use harmful training technics and the dogs are never hit. How do I stop this behavior before one of my dogs gets hurt? We do not have professional training centers in the small town I live in, the best we have is agility training. We have a large fenced in yard and all the dogs have plenty of exercise daily. Also the aggression only happens when the dogs are in the house. They play just fine outside.
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Is there an obvious trigger to the attacks? Like, does it happen when Milo has something your Bouv wants, like food or a toy, or when Milo is getting attention? If so, it could be resource guarding, which is usually manageable - a quick search will turn up a ton of threads on the subject. Is there a pattern to the fights?

How recently did you have him neutered? He might be extra touchy if he's still achy.

I don't want to be defeatist, but Bouviers are a breed known for being territorial, and for having a predisposition being aggressive with other dogs. Generally, dogs that are genetically predisposed to be dog-aggressive are still dog-friendly until around the time they reach physical maturity (it'd be very malapative for a puppy to be attacking adult animals!), at which point they start displaying their inherited temperament. If your Bouv is just dog-aggressive in general, as opposed to responding to some situation or trigger that can be avoided or counter-conditioned for, you might need to think about finding him another home where he'd be an only dog.

Just out of curiosity, why on earth was a reputable breeder crossing Bouvs and Poodles? What was the desired outcome there?
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