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Boston terrier has scabs/small sores on belly

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Some look like little blisters and some with scabs.They are small like the size of a tick and some are reddish, all are raised up a little.He is currently on steroids for allergies(hayfever, respiratory type).We dont have fleas and none of the other dogs have these sores only him.He has been acting very unhappy lately too but I thought it was the pills.
Anyone know what this could be? He's had all his shots and hasnt been anywhere different so its not bug bites or a disease.
He has an appointment on the 15th so I can ask the vet then.Im worried it might be something serious, he has never had really good health.
I should add that he is not itchy at all either.
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Have you called your vet? They may have a nurse on call that could let you know or tell you if they think its serious. My vet has that option.

When I read your post it sounded like hives (minus the itchy) or a rash... that you might get from an allergic reaction to something....

Any new foods? new medicines?

Just some thoughts. Sorry I can't think of anything else...
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