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Boss won't let groomer use there Own tools

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So I started at a private shop and I have my own tools. So I started to use my own tools for grooming but now my new boss won't let me use my own tools. I have to use there tools. I'm getting mad. I want to use my own tools that i'ved used for years and that I'm use to. There scissors are hurting my hands. I can't even use my own blades. I feel like I can't be Me. A groomers tools are apart of them, my tools are apart of me and i feel like I'm not Me when I'm grooming. What do, I do.?? Has anyone gone thru this.?? Help thanks
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That sounds like a frustrating and irksome situation.
Maybe you can request that the shop purchase a set of tools that fit your hands better?
They are the boss. You are an "At will" employee. YOU have a couple of choices.
1.) Use THEIR tools as requested.
2.) Talk to the boss about purchasing an additional set for your use.
3.) Quit

The boss may have hygiene regulations that they want to comply with. Or perhaps a sharpening contract or a tool supplier contract.
Whatever the case, they are the boss and the boss requires you to use THEIR equipment.
Need to find out / figure out what reason(s), spoken or unspoken, are behind it. Then can try to deal with / alleviate those reasons.
On the plus side, it's easier to argue that you are employee and not a contractor if they supply to tools.
If you are good at it, would it be worth going on your own? I know this could be expensive to set up, but if you can get the clients and keep them, it will pay. I see lots of dog groomers around, all making enough money to keep a shop open and live in a home. The lady who lives opposite me has a mobile dog groomer who comes round in a van.
I know this idea is a long-winded one, but working for yourself must feel so rewarding an for the fact of having more control over your decisions.
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