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If this is an interactive facility (which I'm assuming it is), and the dogs are playing all day, then yes, the dogs will be knocked out by the end of the day. I have worked for a couple different interactive facilities, and I have witnessed all of the dogs passing out the second they get into their runs at night. The only dogs that have really had problems sleeping are dogs who have that problem at home (ie, we had a husky who had anxiety issues and did the same thing at home all the time, he did get much better over time though, and we didnt really have to medicate him at all by the time i stopped working at that place). So if your dog is pretty good about sleeping, then he will more than likely be fine at a kennel. Especially since shes a puppy, all the stimulation all day will be a lot for her, she will be really tired bythe end of the day, not to mention she will probably sleep for 1 to 2 days when she gets home.

I wored in a place with a similar time frame, and if the dogs had to go, they could go in the runs (everything was sanitized everyday anyway). Most didnt, and held it, b/c most don't go where they sleep, but some just couldnt hold it. We however, never heard a single complaint about it affecting housebreaking at home, not even for puppies, who usually did have accidents. I think dogs can see theres a difference between the kennel and home.

I'm sure there are some great pet siters out there (one in the thread thracian gave to you). But I am always cautious of anyone who you give a key to your house to. With a kennel, you have to trust them with your dog, with a petsitter, you have to trust them with not only your dog, but your house and your possessions. i think people are sometimes too naive about petsitters. If you do use a petsitter, make sure they are legitimate and have insurance and references that check out. I also wouldnt suggest using the people who advertise like crazy (like the craigslist people). I would use someone who isnt really in it for the money, more as a side job. I'm sorry, I may sound really negative about it, but i hear horror stories from new customers all the time at the kennels (not to mention the story i told on the other thread).

And yes you may be overthinking it just a tad. I know its hard, but the less of a deal you make of this, the better your dog will adjust to yu leaving. I can tell you first hand what happens if yuo make a big deal. The people who cry before leaving their dog, tell them how much they will miss them, hug them, say good bye a million times, those are the dogs that need a few days to get used to us and the kennel. The people who say "bye fido, have a good time" and leave it at that, those dogs dont usually need much more than 5 minutes, if any time at all, to get yused to us. So I understand it may upset you, just dont let your dog know it. I know some pup parents who just dont take their dogs. Some places do pick ups, or you can have a friend do it. it really is best for the dog if you make it really simple. not that you are going to freak out or anything, im just letting you know.

and finally, 5 months isnt too young for boarding. Like i said in the other thread, we had a 15 week old over 4th of july board with us. At 5 months, she should be done or almost done with shots, so everything should be fine. you actually should start things like this (boarding, grooming, vet visits, etc), at a young age. If you do things from puppyhood, adult dogs are soooooo much easier to deal with. I can always tell when dogs are socialized and started at a young age, as oppossed to dogs that were kept more sheltered as puppies.
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