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I board my dogs and they love it. It's one of the few, real opportunities they have to play as much as they want with other dogs. It's not a traditional boarding facility though. It's a friend of mine, a practicing vet who boards dogs in her home. Mine get the run of the house, along with her dogs so, it's a home away from home for them.
Tooney That sounds great. How much does it cost you?
How common is this? I've wondered if this kind of care was avaliable and haven't found any around here. I suspect that I wouldn't be able to afford it anyway.

We boarded Rufus for two nights last year and I felt pretty guilty even though he was supposed to have two play sessions a day with other dogs. He's not crated and has run of house and two cats to harrase.

We used to board our Akita once a year for a week at the same place, and occasionally other times.


PS I'm going to hit the lottery this week and visit my daughter in Africa for a month then my son in Thiland so I need to know LOL
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