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Board or Leave Home?

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Need to be traveling soon and not sure what to do with my dog. Two choices are leave at kennel or at home with dog walker. I worry about both, hate leaving him alone, but also can see him stressed in kennel. What do you suggest?
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Dixon HATES kennels so we usually have my in-laws drive down and stay at our house while we're gone.

My FIL works though so that won't always be practical... so I've thought about hiring a college girl to house-sit/dog-sit. She'd stay in our guest room and be there to give the pups companionship, not just food/water/walks. The pups are bell trained so it would be easy for her to know when they need to go outside. I'd have her stay one day prior to our leaving so the pups could get to know her while we're still here (to minimize any stress Dixon would have).

I figure that's the best of both worlds... our pups are so "human-social" that they'd rather spend their days with a human rather than other pups at a kennel, plus they'd be on their home turf so they'd naturally feel more at ease.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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