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I'm curious to see, if anyone has any experience with them, as this is one of my dream dogs to own. I've been doing off and on research since I was 14 (now 17). And I've come across with the following:

They're not great with cats or small animals, being a scent hound their noses can lead to trouble (For this reason, I highly doubt I'd let the dog be unleashed outside my home, even if she/he had a firm recall). They will proabably have a strong urge to tree an animal. They'll require lots of exercise, physical and mental (which'll be good, I'd love to have a dog I can job with) They will require a fence, and no unsupervised outside time (don't recall reading about no unsupervised outside time, but better safe, because I'm sure they'd have no issue digging a hole, or attempting to jump a fence, to follow a scent)

Grooming wise, brushing occasionally will be OK, but their ears do need to be cleaned more often.

If I'm missing anyting, please, feel free to let me know :) My SO and I are planning on getting married in June (I'll be 18 by then), and even then, probably won't get a Bluetick for a couple years after. But, my SO, does enjoy hunting, and may even take the dog with him, after it's trained. We're not really cat people, and it's a really low chance we'd ever get one. I do have Molly, the 9yr old maltese, and a Ball Python (SO has a Bearded Dragon too) but those two, are in cages... I don't think they'd be a concern, except for feeding day for the snake... My SO is going into the Air Force in November, and I'm going to go to school for Elementary Education. The Bluetick will be spayed/neutered, but not until about 2yrs of age probably, so he/she can finish growing. I did a little breeder research when I first became interested in the breed, but had to stop because I was bugging my parents going on and on about the puppies :p

Sorry for such a long post... And thanks in advance for any advice or info on this beautiful breed :)
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