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We do a lot of outdoor activities, but no hunting, trials, etc. In all of my research, there are mixed messages. Some say with good excercise and attention they can be great house pets. We only have half acre and it is not fenced. Our B&T mix is great offleash so that is not an issue at this point.
You should know that whilst your only dog now might be not an issue off leash, when your new pup arives that will possibly / probably change. Two dogs together will bond and get into mischief - one will become the leader and off they will go.
It would be nice to think your older dog will become that leader and the pup will follow its lead ..... but without fences, it's a big risk and a huge worry when they go "walkabout" not knowing where they are and when they'll come home and if they're safe.
We have 2 golden retrievers and they're naughty..... even digging under our fences to get out - always when we weren't in attendance. So we had to hot-wire the fence - the only way to stop it. It was low voltage so no harm, just a jolt when they touched it. Haven't had to have it on for years now as just the sight of the wire is enough to deter them. Even on off-leash walks in the bush, when they get a whiff of a wild thing, unless I get on them within 10 feet, with 2 of them their recall is pretty well zero.
Good luck.
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