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Hi Everyone,

I currently have a Blue heeler/kelpie X who is roughly 20 weeks old. We got him when he was around 4 weeks old. He's always been energetic and playful. However he tends to bite a lot. Most of it is playful biting, which we ignore and tell him no! if he continues with it. However he has lately started to have some outbursts which are not so playful. On several occasions when people (family) have gone to pat him he has growled and tried to lunge at them in an extremely aggressive manner. He has also tried to lunge and attack people for doing things like try to detach his lead. We have two other dogs (adult bull mastiff's) which he gets on really well with. He's quite aggressive at people walking past our house and the other animals we have (sheep in another area) as well as cars.

He gets lots of exercise (we live on about 3 acres) so he is running/digging holes and playing with toys all day, however these outbursts are becoming a little frightening as he is getting bigger.

Another thing is that he never usually growls when you take his toys. He either runs away, expecting you to chase him, like a game or he plays tug and war with you.

Is there any advice we should take on?

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