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Blue Buffalo vs Nutro Max vs Innovo

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Which food is best for puppy and what suggestions for when switching to adult food
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I've fed Blue Buffalo but not to a puppy. I'm not sure how different their puppy formula is but my dog did well on their adult lamb and rice formula. I recently switched to Wellness Core when I realized that ,while a good food, I could be getting more for my $. Hope this helps a little.
Nutro has had to many recalls and really isn't a great food. I really don't trust the stuff. Out of the three you suggested, I would go with Innovo or Blue Buffalo.

Good luck.
Quality wise IMO I think Innova would be the best. Blue Buffalo would be my 2nd choice. Like Kina_A posted, I wouldn't feed Nutro. They have had recalls and the food has been blamed for many illnesses and deaths in dogs & cats.
Nutro Max is a mid to low grade food and I wouldn't feed it at all. Blue Buffalo is very good and I like Innova even better. I love the ingredients and also they have so many specific formulas that I think you can find just the right one. This is the one that I would feed:

I would never feed nutro. Blue Buffalo's wilderness formula is very nice. Innova is a good company and I especially like the EVO.
Blue Buffalo dog food is great ---(as my dog loves it & is thriving on it!)

I fed both of my pups nutro and they hated it. They puked, very soft stools, and they never wanted to eat it. I switched to blue buffalo puppy and what a difference. No puke , great poop, and they love it!!
Oooh aah. I thought I was seeing things for a minute there.

How can Nutro be included in the same short sentence as Blue Buffalo and Innova :D

Seriously though, there is no comparison. Blue and Innova are top quality dog foods and Nutro ............ NOT!!!!

To help you, here's a list of all the top dog food brands.

And there's also loads of other info on the site, like what to quickly look for on the labels, etc., so in future you'll be able to tell within 5 seconds what's good and what's not.

You definitely won't go wrong with Blue or Innova though!
i feed my puppy innova large breed puppy for now. I might keep him on innova or wellness for adult food.
Make sure you test out the Blue Buffalo using a small bag. My puppy ate everything except for the "Life source bits (round black pellets)" that they put in. He would pick them out and eat the other pellets. I switched to Wellness Super5Mix and it has been great so far. It's the same price as the other brand but was rated higher from the reviews. His stools are great with Wellness compares to soft ones with Buffalo.

Just try them out slowly with a small bag, eventhough you can return whatever you have left for a full refund at the stores due to these companies money-back gaurantee.
My dog is currently on TOTW and has been for awhile, but now he doesn't seem to go crazy for the flavor. I was considering Innova EVO vs. Wellness Core. My only concern is the high protein in EVO. Any suggestions?
I was concerned about how high protein EVO was too, but someone with a lot of dog experience(25+ years in rescue work), who also feeds raw, said ignore the numbers and just look for a balanced good diet.
My dog is currently on TOTW and has been for awhile, but now he doesn't seem to go crazy for the flavor. I was considering Innova EVO vs. Wellness Core. My only concern is the high protein in EVO. Any suggestions?
EVO and CORE are nice foods. Dogs are carnivores so they are designed to digest a good amount of meat/protein, and have no nutritional need for grains. If your dog has kidney, liver or pancreas disease, a lower protein diet may be recommended, but otherwise a high protein diet is not a concern.

I feed EVO and have been very happy with it. :)
I feed Sarge (my 12 week AB) the Blue Buffalo, and he does well on it :) When he gets older, I do want to put him on TOTW because it is grainless, but for now he does good. Also, AB's aren't suppose to have really high protein, esp. as pups because it can cause joint damage.. the BB puppy food is 28% protein, and usually for AB's it should be around 26%.
I've always fed my puppy Innova puppy food. She didn't care much for the taste and won't eat it with vigor but she does eat it.

She does great on it, nice coat, firm stool. However, when I started switching her to adult formula, I chose Orijen and my gosh she LOVES it! She will completely finish every meal I give her when before she often eats only half or leaves a few kibble.
Innova EVO and Blue Buffalo's "Wilderness" are both very good as far as kibble is concerned. I would not feed Nutro Max to my dog at all though. Also, keep in mind that it is recommended that kibble be rotated. So, perhaps buy a bag of Innova EVO and once that's gone, buy a bag of Blue Buffalo Wilderness, then a bag of Orijen... and so on. This method keeps dogs from developing food allergies, it provides nutritional variety, and keeps their food interesting.
Also, keep in mind that it is recommended that kibble be rotated
Not actually switching kibble brands, just switching protein sources.
I don't think I saw Acana on this list. I've just tried it for the first time (Pacifica ... the fish flavor) and it's been a big hit with my pooch. It's made by the same people as Orijen and is grain-free but a little lower in protein ... around 33%.

Quality ingredients and it's now been successfully added to my rotation list. I can recommend it ... and it's particularly good for any picky "fishy" guys, such as my pooch is! :D
i feed my puppy blue buffalo. i switch between the chicken and lamb to give her variety. i also feed her the blue buffalo biscuits. she seems to love the food. i put in a medium size kong and has a blast.
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