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Blue Buffalo Salmon

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So, i'm not really sure if this is what's causing it or not.. since Thursday night my dog has been throwing up. She threw up on my pillow Friday early morning around 4 am, then when I got up and took her outside, she was eating tons of grass, came in and threw up twice. Then today, she started gagging, went behind the couch and threw up. When she threw up on my pillow it was all chunky and brown. When she ate the grass and threw up, it was obviously grassy and clear. Today when she threw up it was brown and chunky.. My friend suggested that Blue Buffalo was on a recall but I can't find anything about it online.. but we've been on the same bag for about a month now and she is just now getting sick? She also got her yearly shots about a week ago.. So, I don't know if she's just now getting the effects.. Maybe i'm just being overly worried but she's my baby. Does anybody have any suggestions?!
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Thank you for your reply! I am making sure she is keeping hydrated and often check her skin to make sure she's not dehyrated. I am going to see if this continues and if it does, she will be going to the vet. She's just never thrown up this much.
But then again wouldn't she have side effects from the shots 24 hours after?
No we already got her heartworm tested a couple months ago. She recieved rabies, parvo & dhlp
Yes, I give her heartguard montly. She did not throw up at all yesterday but today she was eating a lot of grass but hasn't thrown it up.
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