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Hey guys. I’m completely new to the forums and this site and I have been exploring it for the past two hours, and in all, I’ve enjoyed it:

However, something else is clouding my mind. I own a 13 year old bloodhound. He’s a retired K-9 unit member and was owned by the sheriff. We adopted him when he was 10 years old. A week prior to his adoption his sister had to be put down due to tumors. They weren’t cancerous; however, she was absolutely covered in them.

Boog, my dog, recently had surgery for a tumor that ruptured on his rectum. The vet confirmed it was not cancerous and it was not infected. He also had two other tumors, both which are on either side of his body. They are pretty big; however, they have not grown in size for 2 years. Normally, we would have had the vet remove them with the other tumor, however, it would have costed 16 grand, 8 grand/tumor, and we still cannot afford that much.

I noticed about 4 hours ago that there was dried blood on the side of his body and when I looked to examine him, the large tumor on his side had ruptured. There isn’t a lot of blood; however, there is a lot of pus. So now I’m wondering if they are not tumors? He let me clean the area and he is showing no signs of pain, even when I put a damp rag to the area. My theory is that when I was away earlier in the day he scratched on the side of the house and opened it and I didn’t notice until I got home. Normally, I would rush him to the vet; however, all the vets near me are closed and seeing how old he is, I’m not comfortable driving him to the emergency 24hr vet that is 4 hours away.

Anyway, I’m just wondering what I should do with the wound? I’m too afraid to clean it completely because it is open and I don’t want to damage it more. Should I give him some antibiotics? They’re the same antibiotics the vet gave to us after his previous surgery. Also, do you guys know of any decent (and not super expensive) vets in Arizona? I am going to try to get him to a vet as soon as I can.
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