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Blood in the stool

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Ok, before anyone FLAMES me for posting and not taking the dog to the vet. I've called the vet, I have an appointment scheduled. K?

I guess I'm posting here because I am a little nervous.

He's 8 weeks now.. and he's been pooping just fine. Last night he got up and pooped twice in the middle night. Runny but not bloody. This morning he went out 1/2 an hour after he peed and went potty again and a TINY bit of blood was in one small drop. Nothing else.

It looked like a peice of carrot was in his poop. It was still hard (Yes I touched it.. EEEWW but I was concerned!). Maybe he snatched something off the floor (we had stirfry last night with carrots and I have a toddler who drops food which I try to pick up most of it.)

I've been watching him very carefully, but he wants to eat everything. Bark, Paper, Paper towel, string. I usually pull him away take whats in his mouth out and give him a toy.

Is this something other people think I should be FREAKED OUT OVER? Because I am totally freaked out.

The lady at the vets said something about worms (he's had a dewormer on 07/05) I gave him advantage last night due to a really bad infestation of fleas which I am not sure where he got them.

He did fall off the couch yesterday (he's pretty little) and howled afterwards... could that have caused it? I had a cat once that jumped off the balcony and pee'd blood took her to the vet and... they said she'd be fine with some antibotics.

BASICALLY. Can someone tell me that this has happened to their dog and their dog was fine.

The nurse said that as long as he's eating and drinking and active not to worry about it. Because with Parvo they tend to be lethargic and have no apetite...? He's MASSIVELY hyper still. Likes to play at... 7:30 am. and is eating and drinking. So I guess he should be fine.

Someone please just tell me to calm down and that my puppy will be fine. :)
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my old dog once poped a blood vessle in his intestan from straining to poop while having diahrea. after he poops there was a bit of blood on the poop and he would drip blood from his rectum for about 5 minutes afterward. it healed on it's own.

Thank you.

I think it may be he had too many treats yesterday. We were working on sitting and he is getting sooooo good. Maybe I gave him too many and its irritated his intestines...
We had a similar issue with our puppy when she was younger (probably about 15 weeks or so?). In our case, the stool was sort of mucous-y with some blood. The vet said that "it is not uncommon to find blood in the stool" but gave our puppy a course of antibiotics just in case. She was totally fine after that. :p
UPDATE: Aiko is fine. His poops are normal again! YEY! I found more large peices of carrot in his poop so the vet says that it irritated his digestive track. I am still bringing in a fecal sample which they will test for parasites, even though he just had a dewormer on 07/05/09.

He was given a clean bill of health though!! :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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