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Our dog goes to a well-maintained, clean kennel once every month for a day or two. We picked him up the other day and the woman said he and another male were horsing around a little too aggressively so they separated them for a while.

The day after we brought him home we noticed he had a bump the size of a silver dollar on his snout under the skin, about two inches from his eye. We figured it was some kind of bruise from playing around with the other dog.

This morning, he had a fair amount of blood on his nose at the bump. It looked like the bump either "popped" overnight, or he was scratching at it, because the bump is clearly almost gone now.

He's not whimpering or trying to scratch at it now. I used a moist washcloth to dab the blood and this didn't make him cry or whimper either. It looks like the blood has stopped.

Any ideas what this could be? I was thinking some sort of blood-blister from the rough-housing, but perhaps something else?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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