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Bladder Stones in Yorkie

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Hi there, I'm hoping someone out there can help me!

My 6 year old Yorkie who has otherwise had no health problems started squatting very frequently about 3 weeks ago. I suspected it was a UTI as this began right after a grooming and the urine showed it was.:( Puppy was put on 7 days of antibiotics. On night 5 she was up multiple times duirng the night urinating mostly blood. Got another urine sample and back to the vet for an Xray - turns out the urine was sterile but with lots of blood. Xray determined puppy has lots and lots of bladder stones.:eek: He suspects the stones are struvites based on the previous infection and urinalysis.

Otherwise, she is still ok - urinating in slightly smaller amounts but the vet does not seem too concerned as she is female. There's still definite action 4-5 times a day , blood work came back ok, no fever, she is eating, drinking, and otherwise her playful usual self. For this reason he suggested we try antibiotics/diet as opposed to going straight to surgery. He has her off antibiotics for 2 days and wants to do a needle to the bladder so he can get a 'super clean' sample of urine to determine the right longer-term antibiotic. She must also eat S/D ONLY for the next 6 weeks.

Two questions:

1.) Is there a holistic/natural diet alternative to the S/D? I have read not very good reviews on the ingredients/nutritional value. My vet (who is great) says this is the best alternative to dissolve them, but my dog loves a wide variety of natural foods and I doubt she will touch the S/D.

2.) If it comes down to surgery, is there a laser option?

Thanks very much!!
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